Practice for Integrative Clinical Psychology & Authentic Change

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In my practice I am committed the highest professional and ethical standards, reflected also through the ethical guidelines of the Australian Psychological Society (APS) and the Association of German Psychologists (BDP) both of which I am a member.

I am committed to providing a safe, mindful and confidential space in which you as a client can speak and express what concerns you and with increasing comfort can start to explore ways to move towards your therapeutic goals and what I call authentic change. Authentic change isn't just a band aid. Authentic change is sustainable and it is because it is real.

It comes from within, what we call intrinsically motivated i.e. it is not primarily motivated by outer circumstances and/or external factors, although the need to change often arises through external triggers. For authentic change to happen and take root in us we need a conducive environment, a space in which we are met with kindness, compassion and understanding and in which we sense that we can show how we look on the inside without being judged. Acceptance of what is (even if it’s uncomfortable) is a pivotal ingredient which precedes meaningful change. The space I offer is a continuous invitation to do that.

As human beings we're all complex living systems. We are all interconnected and on a continuous journey of learning. We learn through relationships and communication and it’s this authentic relating and communicating in the human relationship which I see at the centre of the therapeutic process.

As human beings we exist in space and time. My therapeutic framework honours that by including multiple perspectives:

intra-psychological (inner space and time),

inter-personal (space and time we share with others) and

trans-generational (space and time of our ancestry).

It’s the unique combination and integration of these perspectives, which are different for every human being, which help to facilitate meaningful change of perspective, attitude, emotional and energetic state and behaviour.

The word therapy comes from the Greek language and its original meaning is to serve and accompany, which highlights the human relationship as a potential means for healing. In this sense, psychotherapy is both a science and an art. This understanding informs my work with each individual client and you as a client can expect an individual approach which is tailored to your individual needs.

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