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Psychological therapy, PSYCHOTHERAPY & COUNSELLING

“There is a crack in everything, that´s how the light gets in.” Leonard Cohen


Do you know the experience of having a problem? Probably you do, because we all share this “trait” of human existence. It is however when the problem starts to inflict on our daily functioning and challenges our happiness that we find ourselves in a downward spiral which we likely find difficult to escape from on our own.
It is almost like trying to get out of a box, where the instructions for how to do it are written on the outside. Clearly, having someone on the outside could be of great help. This is where a counsellor or a psychologist can be incredibly helpful. It’s still your box and your individual instructions and you will still have to climb out yourself but having someone at your side to accompany, guide and support you can make all the difference in the world.

"As a psychotherapist/clinical psychologist I offer you my skills, integrity, presence, kindness, a confidential and protected space and the experience of years of practice in meeting individuals where they are and accompanying them on their journey towards where they really want to be"

Beside working with mental health issues of all kinds I have a special expertise in supporting people to disentangle family related issues (past and present), resolve trauma, relationship issues and psychosomatic complaints. I also offer support with deep transformative processes - processes which have the weight and capacity to shift your life for the better. This might include life crisis, addressing deeply sub-conscious belief patterns and connected values, trans-generational family dynamics and associated self-relationship issues and sometimes addressing, processing and integrating traumatic experiences.

I believe our psyche and the way it is interwoven with our body is a wonderful thing. It is immensely creative in helping us to function and operate on a daily level. However, life is in many ways full of ups and downs and while it unfolds (and sometimes admittedly shakes us up) we are invited, from time to time, to learn, to change and to grow. The way our psyche communicates these invitations to us is sometimes experienced as an undesirable state which can considerably challenge our natural birthright to be happy. These “invitations” can take on many different faces and Psychology has given them many names: depression, anxiety, compulsion, mania, bi-polar disorder and many more. What they all have in common is that they ask us to take a look at ourselves and the context of our lives and from there offer possibilities to push through to a better more integrated maybe even whole or healed person.

As a fully registered clinical psychologist an allied health professional I am eligible to give Medicare health rebates. For details feel free to contact me or talk to your GP about setting up a Mental Health Care Plan.

When you should or could consider psychological therapy and/or counselling:

• diagnosed and undiagnosed mental health issues of all kinds
• depression, feelings of meaninglessness
• anxiety, fear, panic attacks
• unresolved grief
• psychosomatic problems like chronic backache and headache, sleeping problems etc.
• eating disorders
• sexual abuse
• lack of self-esteem and confidence
• simmering unresolved anger
• addiction and substance abuse (smoking, alcohol, drugs etc.)
• relationship and marital issues and related problems
• unresolved family issues
• identity and/or mid-life-crisis
• personal life-crisis and transition phases
• burn-out
• re-orientation and decision making
• support in personal self-growth processes
• and any other issue touching your life where you need support.


The integrative approach which I apply in my work is a combination of different sources and schools of contemporary psychotherapy which is individually blended for every client's needs and their particular issue. In no particular order it integrates:

Systemic Therapy (Sartir, Healey, Watzlawick, Jackson et. al.)
Hypnotherapy (Erickson, Rossi, Gilligan et. al.)
Emotional Focused Therapy (Johnson)
Cognitive Behavorial Therapy (CBT)
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) (Harris, Hayes,
Systemic Family Constellation Work (Hellinger, Sparrer, Varga von Kibed)
Solution Focused Brief Therapy (de Shazer, Kim Berg)
Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) (Grinder & Bandler)
Relaxation techniques (several ancient traditions like Yoga and Sufism)

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